Creative Intelligence

Why us



Offering tailored approaches based on the task at hand, we utilize cutting edge technology, creative intelligence, and our own unique expertise to break open any case.

Headquartered in South Florida, we believe that Kidon, can only be as strong as its weakest team member. This is why we work with only the brightest minds in the intelligence community, striving to over-deliver and offering unmatched discretion with every investigation. Our team includes a select group of former Israeli elite intelligence operatives, special force personnel, and members of various United States and European intelligence agencies.

Aside from our vast experience working with asset recovery, corporate litigation, intelligence gathering, and other sensitive investigative services, we pride ourselves in four distinct factors that help set us apart. It’s this reason that so many clients trust us as their go-to source for investigative support.



The core of every intelligence project starts and ends with the analytical abilities of the team. Using cutting edge analytical research skills, our team of former government intelligence operatives delivers a fresh prospective. This creative thinking process allows us to connect the dots and find relationships that might otherwise be overlooked.

languages & cultures

Beyond working in various intelligence communities, our multi-lingual team includes native speakers from around the world. Many of our individual team members are multi-lingual and have experience operating in regions around the globe. This includes: the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and many more.


pro-active approache 

While the average special investigations agency might be reactive, we take a different approach. Our pro-active and dynamic style has been developed over many years of intelligence experience. Our HumInt (Human Intelligence) method allows us to examine all the facts and extract information in both physical and digital environments.


If you have something to hide, we will find it. We believe everyone has that secret to be found and once we identify it, we apply pressure. Being able to offer our clients this type of leverage is instrumental to our success.