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Red Team

Are you spying on me


In computer security, penetration testing (or pentest) is a long-trusted method for exposing vulnerabilities and strengthening defense systems. Here at Kidon, we believe the best defense is a good offense. Offering both computer pentests to expose your digital weaknesses and physical security penetration tests, we ensure your facilities and networks remain secure


Kidon now provides our highly trained Red Team to offer unmatched security support. Putting our professionalism and experience in the intelligence community to the test, we strive to deliver penetration testing that exceeds all industry benchmarks.

To fully test the vulnerabilities in our client’s network, Kidon anticipates real-world scenarios. We understand the mind of your adversary and strive to simulate real attacks on your security systems, both physical and digital. During these tests, we’re able to collect relevant information and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your system. This ensure we can improve and iterate your systems for optimal performance should a real-world attack occur.

Your Security is Our Guarantee

The current security market is over-saturated with pentests certified by a variety of bodies, including: OSCP, GWAPT, GPEN, CEH, CISSP, CHFI, CCISO, CASS, CEPT, and others. While these certifications certainly have their merit, the disadvantage of working with these cookie-cutter security agencies is their lack of experience in real-world situations.Most have never dealt with terrorist organizations, organized crime, or corporate espionage. And, while they might have an elementary understanding the systems, that lack of real-world experience often leads them to overlook some of the most dangerous threats to your defenses.Instead of resting simply on certifications, Kidon has the real-world, proven experience that ensures you’re always in good hands. In fact, our Red Team guarantees your security. We highlight five key strengths that allow us to deliver this guarantee:

  • The Right People: Our team is carefully chosen for experience, work ethic, resourcefulness, professionalism, reliability, discretion, and uncompromising morality.
  • Agent Handling: We believe in Humint (human intelligence) specialization. We focus on all factors that could impact your security and understand the affects of psychological warfare, looking at propaganda and reputation as they influence activities.
  • True Intelligence: Many companies simply refer to “intelligence” as WEBINT, or Intelligence Analysis. Here at Kidon, we have a more holistic approach to the term, bringing in Humint, VISINT, WEBINT, Cyber Intelligence, Intelligence Exploitation, and Analysis, ensuring you get a complete delivery.
  • International Experience: With experience around the world, including expertise in Arab countries, we have an understanding of culture, language proficiency, and an abundance of familiarity with this field.
  • Network: At Kidon, we have an extensive network of international connections at the highest level. This includes agents, collaborators, and a variety of other connections that gives us, our clients, and our business partners a marked advantage.

All of these promises are fine, but here at Kidon we want to stress that it’s more than just hyperbole. Instead, our agents undergo some of the most rigorous training to ensure they’re prepared to be part of our elite Red Team.

Each member of Kidon has trained as a member of the Israeli Intelligence community, which is recognized as one of the most advanced in the world. Their expertise include Cyber Warfare, Case Officer training, Intelligence Warrior courses, and a variety of other specialized training in the field.

In addition to their extensive training and real-world experience, most of our team also serves in reserve in an intelligence capacity. This allows them to undergo annual refreshers and ensures they stay on the cutting edge in intelligence technology


With our holistic approach to security, we believe in deep, long-term relationships with our clients and strategic partners. When we work with a company, we don’t just provide our pentest report and then leave. Instead, we feel it’s our duty to serve your company and ensure we’re there along the journey to keep you ahead of any threats that might arise.

Though we can meet specific demands, we instead aspire to serve as a strategic adviser for our clients. As a security and intelligence partner, we ensure that our tests are just the beginning for you and your business. Adapting unique protection solutions and the most secure systems, we look to give you peace of mind for as long as you’re in business. With military-level encryption, our systems have proven themselves over more than 10 years without a single security crack


Rather than just offer the traditional penetration testing, our team utilizes every tool at our disposal to ensure your business is prepared. With intelligence experience that covers organized crime, terrorist organizations, and all levels of corporate security, we verify every aspect of your security: physical, network, cellular, software, etc. We simulate every imaginable attack on your infrastructure, including many you might never have imagined, and ensure your systems are ready to stand up against these attacks


With a focus on human intelligence, our experience has shown us some best practices that we offer each of our clients. Among those, we find that within an organization where there is a perceived high level of security, there is often a human weakness factor. We call this an Achilles heel, and find that these often show themselves in those areas where security is thought to be without flaw.

Using this Humint training, we are able to identify those Achilles heels in your organization and offer solutions. By identifying and correcting these “weak links,” you can immediately shore up your defenses and provide more peace of mind should a real-world attack occur.


So, how do we actually test your systems and fill in those security gaps?

Whether cyber of physical security, the first step is to research and understand the process and potential weaknesses. From there, we simulate all stages and tools to ensure nothing is left to chance. This looks different depending on the type of attack we simulate:

  • In the instance of a cyber attack, we write a custom Trojan tailored to your equipment, which simulates how an attacker would penetrate your network.
  • For a physical attack, we take all steps in pre-investigation and collect intelligence for our operation. From there, we determine some of the most likely attack scenarios and go about actually infiltrating these simulated attacked.

Though this can take weeks or months, our near 100% success rate ensures your organization is prepared for any attack that might come your way.

ith an abundance of experience in the private and public sector, we understand what it takes to keep your organization secure. Adapting security and intelligence to fit the needs of our clients and strategic partners, we ensure your greatest vulnerabilities become your strongest strengths. If you’re looking for the best security protection and peace of mind in your systems, the Kidon Red Team is where you need to begin.