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Litigation support

Let's win your case


Prosecution or defense: in litigation, the side that wins is often determined by which one prepares more thoroughly. When you use Kidon’s legal investigative services, you get the support you need to win the case. Whether its business or personal conflicts, we provide private investigation services, intelligence gathering, and deliver an in-depth analysis to really bring your case together.

With a proactive approach to litigation, we gather all the information you might need for court while also exploring alternative methods to negotiate outside the court room. We look for leverage you can use to settle whenever possible, but hold that key information for the opportune moment. Having full access to this information, our clients are better able to approach any form of litigation and can often enjoy a more favorable outcome.


Whether big or small, the Kidon team treats your litigation and arbitration support with the utmost care. We realize the importance of being prompt and work to gather the information you need quickly. Our team consists of experts on every continent around the world, which means we have local support anywhere we might need it. Without borders to slow us down, our vast net of connections and resources makes gathering the facts fast and painless for you.

Some of our world-class services include:

  • Finding and analyzing raw data, key information, and other intelligence to determine its evidentiary potential.
  • Identifying leverage regarding the adversary and their witnesses that might be used for impeachment on cross-examination.
  • Locating and interviewing prospective witnesses.
  • Dredging up background information when public records are otherwise unavailable or unhelpful; sometimes accomplished through confidential sources.
  • Confirming credential of expert witnesses and identifying additional witnesses that might help our client.
  • Locating and tracking assets.
  • Connecting the dots to identify undisclosed links between subjects and witnesses.
  • Utilizing digital forensics to retrieve and analyze data files.


Kidon works to simplify the most complex situations. By studying your opposition’s vulnerabilities, identifying key witnesses, and determining their strategy, we offer the tools to develop a better litigation approach. With this, you can formulate a game plan that uses the leverage and brings any of their misconduct to light