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Prestigious local and international law firms have learned to rely on Kidon’s investigative services to provide the litigation support they need to break cases wide open. Contributing our background in intelligence gathering and connections in the international community, we are able to build strong foundational evidence that supports your case. Our intelligence and forensic expertise is especially valuable in multi-jurisdiction litigation. With a dedicated legal team in New York, our intelligence professionals have the support they need to build a strong case. We are proud to offer discreet intelligence gathering to establish facts, support discovery, and negotiate settlements around the globe.




Those in the public sector have a continuous need for actionable intelligence to ensure the strength of their financials, their political functions, and their personal security. Built around professionals from various elite intelligence agencies around the world, we bring a fresh perspective to any work in the public sector. Combing this experience serving the public with the ingenuity of the private sector, we offer out-of-the-box thinking that helps identify actionable intelligence. By offering a plethora of intelligence service in this complex global environment, we deliver the mission-critical intelligence you need quickly.




As new technologies emerge, the economy is ever-evolving. With the competitive nature of business, this makes it vitally important for those international companies to perform their due diligence and invest in proper intelligence gathering. At Kidon, we provide a gamut of intelligence services to assist your growing corporation. With experience serving Fortune 500 companies and smaller companies alike, we know what it takes to handle your business needs.