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With our out-of-the-box thinking, Kidon has become a trusted name for those who are faced with any form of asset recovery. Our team is ready to tackle cases of bankruptcy or liquidation as well as those instances of stolen property or misappropriated trade secrets. With our main headquarters in South Florida and our legal team in New York, we are able to investigate every aspect of your case to identify the missing variables.


Built and operated by former Israeli Intelligence, European, and United States agents, Kidon offers you the expertise you need to locate that hard-to-find information. Beyond our professional expertise, our experience has also allowed us access to a worldwide network of specialists to help with our investigations. Using these contacts and specialized databases, we are able to handle your asset recovery cases for the best results.

Our team has extensive experience handling litigation and arbitration at state, federal, and international levels. Appreciating the cost of a court case, we always look for alternative resolution methods, including: pre-litigation negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Whether you run a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate or a state-level corporation, we have experience handling litigation and achieving the desired results.



Asset recovery is never something you want to be faced with. But, those who fail to take proactive action often find themselves over their head when something goes wrong. At Kidon, we are there for you to handle your needs. Whether it is domestic or international, our asset recovery team handles:

  • Contracts & Business Torts
  • Commercial Debt Enforcement & Recovery
  • Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets
  • Shareholder Claims
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 

Recognizing that each case is unique, we believe flexibility is the key to successful investigations. At Kidon, we tailor our approach based on the type of asset recovery case we are dealing with. In this way, we look at a variety of factors, including:

  • Hidden Assets: We offer a comprehensive package for those who might seek out hidden assets. Over the years of practical experience, we have developed a unique system to find those concealed and undisclosed assets tucked away in so-called “safe havens.” In doing so, we can help recover those lost assets.
  • Financial Reporting: We Develop a complete financial report on a subject to reveal any unusual activity. This looks at the individual’s lifestyle, personal property, interest and dividends, royalties, patents, stocks, bonds, real property worth, and more. Knowing the lengths these people might go to, we also reach outside the individual, looking at family and friends for possible transfer or any anomalous circumstances.